Sock thing

Sock thing
Floppy dog

Friday, 10 September 2010

Vintage collecting

This is my very first post about my best vintage finds. Most of my items are kitchen related because I am drawn to items that remind me of my Grandma's kitchen, some are irresistable homewares and I'll probably feature the odd dog  fashioned out of an old sock. When my small terrace gets too full up I sell some of my treasures at Vintage Fairs and will post details of those as they come up. I don't think I will part with the dog sock though, he's a bit special.


  1. welcome to the blog world!
    no, don't ditch the odd dog, he's fab.

    looking forward to more photo's and info about your finds

  2. Hi there
    welcome to the world of Blogs, just have fun with it...

    Laura M

  3. Look forward to seeing more of your posts, and that sock dog is too cute!!
    Laura xx