Sock thing

Sock thing
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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Time for drinks roulette...

You could have a great game with these shot glasses on a rotating stand, as each glass is a different colour you wouldn't know what you were getting.. Could be nice could be nasty...

Anyway I was meaning to say that it's time again
Discover Vintage Fair at Victoria Baths 
on Hathersage Road, Manchester 
Sunday 3rd July 
10am - 4pm

Please come and join in. I have some terrific stock as I haven't been to a fair for a few weeks and have still collected at the same rate...which means like crazy. 

That's good really though as the week after it is  
Todmorden Vintage meets Handmade Fair  
at Todmorden Town Hall 
Saturday 9th July, 
10 - 4pm
I'll be there too....I'm on fire in July